Confusion rocks EP Church, Global Evangelical over properties

A group in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana calling itself Defenders of Faith has threatened to resort to all measures even if it is likely to cause mayhem if the leadership of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana (EPCG) and the Global Evangelical Church of Ghana (GEC) fail to follow due process in the sharing of the church property.

The group has also kicked against a move by the leadership to reconcile the Global Evangelical Church (GEC), which broke away from EP Church in the 1980s over constitutional and doctrinal differences, with EPCG, calling for it to cease instantly.

The President of the group, Fred Gobah Seddoh Tengey, at a press briefing on Monday in Accra indicated that the desire by the leadership of the church to share the property of the church with GEC is a mistake and if care is not taken can lead chaos.

He wondered why the leadership would want to embark on such a horrendous mission in sharing church property when the ‘contentious issue’ is still pending before a competent court of law.

“We don’t really understand why the leadership of EP Church Ghana would want to share church properties with GEC at all.

“Anyway we have resolved as a group and strongly hold the view that for the sharing of the Church properties to be seen to be genuine, authentic and not a ruse or hypocrisy. The sharing should start at the EPCG Headquarters at Ho,” the President of the group has stated.

Explaining the issue of the reconciliation which is another ‘canker’ the group says it frowns on, Mr. Seddoh, who is also a senior presbyter of the EP Church disclosed that “it won’t be possible knowing well that both Churches hold unto divergent doctrines”.

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He said: “The EP Church is Presbyterian by doctrines with reformed protestant tradition whilst the Global Evangelical Church is a Christian fundamentalist with a Pentecostal form of worship. It is so obvious that the two are like chalk and cheese with no convergence whatsoever in the modes of worship.”

The Global Church of Ghana (GEC) in the ‘80s broke away from Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana (EPCG) which is the mother Church on doctrinal and liturgical differences.

The EPCG later took the GEC to court over the sharing of the church properties which as at today is yet to be settled.

It later generated into crisis in 1996 despite the pending of the case before court which saw some members of the EPCG losing their lives after being poisoned, run down over by car and others beaten up by thugs of GEC .

However, three EPCG branches were lucky to have won the case which included South La branch (Accra), Agbozume branch (Volta Region) and Amakrom (Kumasi).

However, six branches were affected whose cases are still pending in court. They include Dzelukope, Anloga, Keta, Dabala, Teshie Nungua and Obuasi.

The Vice President of the group, Eddie Ashiagbor, on his part criticized the formation of the ‘so called reconciliation committee’ made up of Rev. Dr. Cyril Fayose, Dr. Cyril L.J.K. Dzakpasu and Rev. Dr. E.A. Amey, describing them as a fluke.

He also claimed the sharing committee formed by the leadership of the church whose members are visiting congregations of EP Church has no locus standi.

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The Vice President, who is also a Presbyter of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana Church, says the leadership has stabbed the group at the back in taking those conflicting decisions without seeking advice from them since they are the presbyters of the Church.

According to him, they strongly believe there is an ulterior motive behind every decision being taken by the leadership of the Church without their consultation.

“We believe money has changed hands,” he hinted.

Meanwhile the group is urging the reconciliation committee to be absolutely careful not to play politics with the Church in dealing with this ‘contentious’ matter before law court if not they will be compelled to take action which will lead to chaos.

By Josephe Kobla Wemakor|Volta Region|Ghana



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