Concern as Krobos hesitate to vaccinate due to false rumours

Vaccination remains the best protection against Covid-19 infection, the Ghana Health Service said

The Upper Manya Krobo District Director of the Ghana Health Services, Esther Dua Oyinka, has expressed concerns about false rumours leading to Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy in the district.

Madam Dua Oyinka called on residents to disregard the false information surrounding the immunization against Covid.

“Some of the rumours include impotency among men, which is false, others say if you are a lady you cease menstruation which means you cannot give birth any longer, others are saying if you take it you are going to die.”

She added: “Even some were saying that it’s the government that has put up the vaccine and certain things to change their minds in voting for any other party except the sitting party. These are very funny rumors. But we are individuals and individuals as we are we need to address the concerns as expressed for them to clear their minds and clear the air so that the uptake for the vaccine would be as expected.”

The Upper Manya District Health Director noted education was ongoing.

“I am just from the assembly meeting to sensitize them [and] I realize that just a few have taken the vaccine. The rest I have encouraged them on the reason why they must take the vaccine. For their protection and everything. Since morning when they came, the nurses have vaccinated about 20 people, should everyone at the assembly take we should have about 100 people.”

Addressing the media, the District Health Director said out of the 50,104 targeted population by the end of this year, only 282 have so far been fully immunized.

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One thousand, one hundred and two people have taken the first jab bringing the difference between the first and the second dose takers to 820.

She appealed to residents in the Upper Manya Krobo District to accept the facts, science and data surrounding Covid-19 and adhere to all protocols.

She said her outfit is doing everything possible to change the negative mindset of the people on the immunization through community engagement.

“I have delayed in taking my second dose because I want to do it at the the upcoming Farmer’s Day durbar, so that everyone will know that as a health director forefronting the agenda or campaign, leadership by example. The DCE has promised to take his shots also. Nurses are at strategic places positioned to vaccinate people.”

By Yvonne Neequaye||Ghana