Commission of Inquiry suggested for Ameri deal probe

The Ameri deal was signed in 2015

An energy expert wants a commission of inquiry to be established to review the $510 million Ameri power agreement signed in 2015.

A review of the deal has been triggered by Member of Parliament of Adansi Asokwa Constituency, Kobina Tahir Hammond, who claims the country was short-changed in the process.

Though he was Ranking Member on the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament  when the deal was brokered, he said it is “fraudulent”.

A motion filed to realize the review saw the interrogation of the former Minister of Power, Dr Kwabena Donkor, on Friday by the Committee.

But energy analyst Kwadwo Poku is convinced the only way the truth can be laid bare is for judge to chair an independent commission, which should subpoena all the officials involved in the deal.

Philip Addison-led committee was set up by the Energy Minister to review the deal

Speaking on TV3’s News 3260 on Friday, he said there are about 15 state officials including some from the Attorney General’s Department and the Ministry of Finance involved in the deal.

“The point is [that] there is a level of colluding and criminality. If the government wants to find out [it should set up] the Commission of Inquiry.”

He was particularly not against the deal at the time of brokering as he said it was “the best deal you could get at that time”.

He said even before the transaction was completed, the Africa and Middle East Resources Investment (AMERI) Group had delivered the plant.

And for a country to be given five years of hire purchase was not bad, he argues.

“I supported that decision. The only problem with the deal is the fact that there were inconsistencies with the way the thing was done where by a middleman now makes money more than necessary.”

He mentioned METKA as the other company involved in the deal.

A committee led by lawyer Philip Addison was set up to review the deal but members were later cited for conflict of interest.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

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