Collapsed bridge threatens economic, school activities at Afrancho-Bronkong

Students crossing the Nkaadan River, on which the collapsed bridge once hanged, on foot.

A bridge at Afrancho-Bronkong connecting several farming communities in the Afigya Kwabre district of Ashanti Region has collapsed, making life unbearable for residents in the area.

The situation has forced some residents to risk their lives to cross the Nkaadan River, on which the collapsed bridge once hanged, on foot to get to access other communities.

The bridge, which links over six thousand residents at Afrancho Bronkong, Bodwesango, Maase, Besease and Atimatim among other farming communities in the district, started deteriorating three years ago.

Movement of commercial and other heavy-duty vehicles became almost impassable until its eventual collapse recently due to neglect by authorities.

A five-minute drive from Bronkong to Bodwesango, for instance, now take commuters 45 minutes as they divert to use the Kodie-Adubinso route.

School children are the most affected by the collapse of the bridge, especially after a downpour when the river becomes impassable for at least three days.

“We fear using this bridge especially when it rains. We have to take off our shoes and walk pass through this river before going to school” says Mary Nyameba told 3News.

Another student, Emmanuel Lamborn said they have to skip school whenever there is a downpour. This he said, affect their academic activities.

The collapsed bridge

A resident, Augustina Owusu, was worried over the negative economic impact the collapsed bridge is having on residents in the area.

The collapse of the bridge is also having serious implication on health care delivery.

Residents complain the area has been sidelined in developmental projects in the country.

Assemblyman for Afrancho Bronkong, Philip Sarkodie, called for immediate reconstruction of the collapsed bridge.

“I have written series of letters to the assembly to work on the bridge but without any positive result. The time has come for the authorities to take urgent step in reconstructing the bridge before any disaster strike”, he warned.

The district chief executive for Afigya Kwabre, Kwasi Karikari Acheamfuor, says frantic effort is being made to reconstruct the bridge.

“The situation is now at a critical stage and efforts are being made from the regional level to work on the road”.

By Abubakar Ibrahim||Ghana

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