Col Gershon Akpa could be freed in coup case

A senior state attorney, Hilda Graig, in a case between the state and 10 persons, who have been accused of planning to destabilize the country, has hinted of freeing one of the accused, Colonel Gershon Akpa. Presenting her affidavit in opposition for a bail application for seven of the accused persons, Hilda Graig said evidence gathered so far does not implicate Colonel Gershon Akpa and the Attorney General has subsequently been advised. In her argument, she told the court the bail of indictment for nine of the accused persons is ready and committal process would be initiated in the next sitting for trial to commence. She argued for the court to refuse the seven accused persons bail on the basis that they will interfere with evidence and considering the nature of the case, they will not avail themselves to stand trial. She refuted the claim of the lawyer of the applicants that no evidence has been presented against the accused persons, adding that they have all been shown the evidence and are aware of what is going to be used against them. Lawyer for the applicants Victor Kojoga Adawudu, in his application for bail, argued that the accused persons are of the conviction that they are innocent and are ready to prove that to the court so they will not run away from trial. He told the court in their earlier bail application that the prosecution be asked to furnish the accused persons with the summary of the evidence, failure to do so his side will repeat process. In her ruling, Justice Ruby Quayson considering the arguments from both sides, refused the applicants bail indicating that it is likely they will not stand trial and also the fact that prosecution will commence trial on Thursday, February 20. This is the third time the accused persons have been denied bail.

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By Godfred Tanam||Ghana]]>