Clubs and national teams already knocking, Avram Grant reveals

Outgoing Black Stars coach Avram Grant has revealed that a number of clubs and national teams have already approached him though he wants to be with his family after years of sojourn. Grant revealed this in an exclusive interview with‘s Michael Oti Adjei. Find below a transcript of the interview: Q. First of all I am just wondering how you came to the conclusion that it is time to go? AG: I think after two years and three months when I gave everything, I felt it is the right time to move. I was away from my family for a long time. I enjoyed my time here but I felt it is the right time to go. Q. What memories are you taking away? AG: There is a lot of good memories from the football, from the country and the football around. I am not saying there were no problems but I like the positives. We were in one final, one semi final but we didn’t win the cup which hurt a lot. But I am happy I am leaving a good base especially after the problems with the world cup and the reluctance of some to play. Now we have a team with the right age to win titles.

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Q. Is there anything during the period you would have done differently AG: There is no need to think about that because you cannot change anything.  Basically I think I did the right things here. We built a good squad, prepared for games well and had good results. We reached one final and in the second tournament we beat some good teams like Congo DR. It was not an easy tournament because Nigeria didn’t even qualify and likes of Algeria and Ivory Coast went home early. It hurts that we didn’t win the trophy but I cannot tell my players to forget the past and recover and not do that myself. Q. What are your plans? A return to club football or you want to continue on this continent? AG: I don’t know to be honest. Normally in football I have a long term plan, short term plan and in football sometimes you need plan Y. But in my private life I don’t know and I don’t want to know. There are already enquiries from some clubs and national teams but it doesn’t bother me. I want to relax and be with my family a little bit because it has been a while. Afterwards we will see. I don’t know what would happen in the future.
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Q. Is there anything said about you during the period here that upsets you? AG: I don’t pay much attention so much to some of the negative things. I have always said you can only concentrate on your reaction, not on what people say. People come to me and say this person said this and that but I have always believed that you can’t react to anything. Q. You have been asked a lot of questions about for instance not living here. Were you taken aback sometimes by the issues and did you underestimate this job at times? AG: Sometimes it is a lack of knowledge and understanding. Of course I wanted to do more for the other national teams and local players but my job here was basically for the Black Stars. I saw all the teams, went everywhere from Cape Coast to where you were. But it was not my fault that 90% of the squad played in Europe and I needed to see them often. It is also not my fault that I needed to be travelling around so often.
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Q. So we are five points behind Egypt in world cup qualifying. Do you think Ghana can still qualify? AG: The qualification bit is interesting and tricky. There were too many things that happened before Uganda that was completely unrelated to football. We were doing very well until someone came and hurt the atmosphere and called the players greedy when they were giving everything for the country. We were unlucky against Egypt. It was a strange game . I think Ghana still has a chance because there is Egypt to play here and the Pharoahs have to go to Uganda. It is tight but it is doable. Q. What was the mood in the dressing room after that semi final defeat? AG: It was very sad. We did a great job to get there and then we lost when we were on top and from set pieces. We really thought we could do it. Source:|Ghana ]]>


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