Cleaning of gutters by Rawlings is my fondest memory of him – Lawrence Tetteh

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Dr Lawrence Tetteh
The president of the World Wide Miracle Outreach Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has said the late former president Jerry John Rawlings was phenomenal in Ghana politics.

He said this in an interview with Berla Mundi on TV3, in a tribute to the memory of the late former president on Monday January 25.

Dr. Tetteh said “President Rawlings is [phenomenal], and of course in every society and everybody’s life, we have the good times and the bad times. He was somebody who we needed at the time, in every dispensation I’ve always said that God gave us a demeanor of a particular leader that befitted the dispensation. The Rawlings era, the Kuffour era, the Atta Mills era, the John Mahama era and of course, the Nana Addo era, all of them their demeanor befitted the dispensation we lived in at the time for a purpose, I don’t think God made a mistake in any of the leaders he gave us in Ghana”

He implored the country to give thanks to God for one’s life and to remember that God used the former president for a purpose at the time and not to hold on to pain and grievances.

“If there’s anybody he’s hurt, as a man of God, what I’ll say is that we should learn to forgive and move on. And to remember that, we should learn to see the good side of people and forgive the side that did not go well” he admonished

Dr. Tetteh further revealed that he and the former president once met at a funeral where he sang a tribute song called “Holy Zion” to the deceased that the former president enjoyed so much that he came to congratulate him personally and told him to write one for him.

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“I remember when his mother died, we went to visit him and he told me something that was very touching, he said that: he had always wanted not to die before his mother, and that was very sensitive, so when I realized that he passed away not long after his mother, I said, look sometimes the things we wish for that is how things happen” he disclosed.

He also said that president Rawlings was the people’s man, he was somebody who can go to the little man and also go to the big one. He was a leader who loved the cheers of the people.

“My fondest memory is seeing him clean gutters with the people, I’ve never seen a president that will go into a gutter and be cleaning the gutter with the people. He cheered the poor, he cheered the downtrodden, he was the people’s man, if you give him fans he’ll lift up his two fists and receive it. He was also a very bold man and his mantra of “probity and accountability” is not only for Ghana but the African continent” he said about the former president.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana