Citi FM's Bernard Avle fires gov't over Akua Donkor's trip; calls it a joke

The Host of the morning show on Accra-based Citi FM, Bernard Koku Avle, has in a rather unusual rage descended heavily on government for using tax payer’s money to sponsor the Flagbearer of the yet-to-be certified Ghana Freedom Party, Akua Donkor, to Italy, for the Ghana-Italy Business Forum at the Milan Expo 2015.

Bernard, like some Ghanaians who were irked after seeing pictures of Madam Akua Donkor on the side of President John Mahama at the expo,  has questioned the value of the inclusion of the woman largely viewed as an uneducated politician only good for comedy, on such a serious business trip meant to bring investment benefits to the country.

An obviously incensed and stunned Bernard Avle, who was hosting the award-winning Citi Breakfast Show on Monday July 20, could not restrain himself as a moderator as he joined the panelists of Citi FM journalists who were equally astonished at the development.

Bernard described as a complete joke for government  to embark on such wastage amidst the many challenges plaguing the country, merely because it benefits from Madam Akua Donkor’s propaganda targeted at some uninformed Ghanaian populace.

Bernard Avle

“This woman has been giving out false statements; that for example the economy has been bad since Nkrumah’s time; we changed the pound to the cedi and the likes. And this a person who reaches out to people in a certain context and because she is benefiting from state largeurs, she is perpetuating the falsehood and it’s very bad. And if we don’t change our minds about politics and we don’t renew our thinking we will be poor forever” he opined.

“You carry Akua Donkor on our tax payer’s money to Italy; do you know how much  money they spend on such a thing? Do you know how much a plane ticket and a hotel cost? And I am sure she will travel on business class; and you are carrying her to Italy for propaganda value and you sit down and be talking politics, are you sick? I don’t know what’s wrong with Ghanaians; and as we sit here somebody will insult me because they will say I am making NDC unpopular. Is NDC popularity what you eat for food? Akua Donkor is sitting in a plane to Italy to go and represent you” Bernard wondered.

“Who in government accesses the trip? I know why Spio Garbrah is there as a Trade Minister; I know why Fiifi Kwetey is there as the Agric Minister, what on earth is Akua Donkor doing there? What’s her value to…I mean why? We are being very foolish as a country seriously. I know why the ministers are there…they are having discussions. Why do you carry somebody who is a practical joke on a trip because now the joke is part of the politics  with all the problems we have? It’s a complete outrage. In fact, even the political party she has, have they even filed their returns? Are they even a proper party? Why are we joking with important things? Are there not serious people in this country to speak sense to somebody? How can you take Akua Donkor to Italy on our taxpayer’s money and expect us to be happy with you? Just because she can campaign for the government so now that’s the qualification for sending people on such a serious trip? Why don’t you carry the guys in medium scale tomato processing; and carry people who are in manufacturing to meet the investors?.

“What role is she playing there? Is she an investor? Is she a businesswoman? Let’s stop this; I am too upset and it’s too annoying listening to her speak on the radio. The people of Ghana have to change their attitude and we have to tell our leaders that this is the lowest of the low. So with all the problems we have…you saw the schools we went to and you are trivializing the issues and playing politics with everything”.

Akua Donkor

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Madam Akua Donkor has since her return from Italy granted interviews to some media houses during which she called the bluff of those criticizing her and justified her inclusion on the trip.

In recent times, the woman who is the Founder of the unpopular opposition party, the Ghana Freedom Party, has largely been seen in the company of the incumbent National Democratic Congress.

She is believed to have travelled with a government delegation to Nigeria during the swearing in ceremony of the newly elected Nigerian President General Buhari.

Also at a recent economic management meeting by government at Senchi in the Eastern Region to discuss critical issues facing the Ghanaian economy, she had the privilege of being present there.

Government is yet to officially comment on her involvement in such state-sponsored engagements.

By: Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie/



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