Churches must invest in the youth and create employment opportunities for them – Obie Agyeman

Change Agent and Apostolic Leader of Kingdom Impact Ministry (K.I.M) Ps. Dr. Obie Agyeman has admonished churches to invest in their youth and create employment opportunities for them as well as move beyond prayer and put in more work to back their faith if they want to be successful.

“I know that some churches have made declarations and given special themes as the year is starting. My year of impact, my year of influence and the list goes on. We need to play our roles by putting in effort. You don’t pray and stay. We have to balance our faith with work” Dr. Obie Agyeman stated

“God says he will bless the work of your hand, so when you fold your hands sitting down, you are not giving God what he needs to bless you. You are waiting on God but God says he is waiting on you. You have to be willing to work the process. You are praying for a table but God has given you a tree” he added

Dr. Agyeman explained to Helen Appiah Ampofo on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show that even as a country God has given Ghana all the needed natural resources and expects us to process them to meet the country’s needs.

According to the Toronto based Pastor and an astute businessman, the church should not only seek the spiritual welfare or salvation of the church members though heaven is the ultimate goal, it is equally important for the church which is the body of Christ to lookout for the social and economic wellbeing of its members.

He also emphasized on the need for the churches to make a deliberate effort to invest and harness the potentials of its youth to develop and empower them economically since the church is almost a one stop shop of talents and human resources.

“This is the time that if the youth are empowered  and they have the right information, the right mindset and the right skill set, I believe that we can turn the challenges in Ghana into opportunities” Dr. Obie Agyeman stressed

The Apostolic Leader opined that any idea that problems are there and we can throw everything to God to solve them is not good leadership. People must be held accountable for whatever position they are holding.

“I am not saying you shouldn’t pray as a leader. You should pray but after praying you should work and perform your duties to get the work done. If you think you can’t you should vacate the position to allow the person who can to do it” he admonished.

By Samuel Owusu Afriyie||Ghana


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