Christian forum to review the state of the nation begins Friday

Advocates For Christ Ghana (A4CG) is galvanizing believers from all walks of life – professions, and denominations across the country, for a 2-day brainstorming and agenda setting forum to analyze the performance of critical national sectors and prayerfully explore divine strategies for harnessing opportunities and tackling challenges.

Christians make up 70% of Ghana’s growing population and therefore constitute a major power block to be engaged and carried along in the pursuit of achieving any meaningful political goal.

Beyond the political considerations, Christians have a critical biblical mandate to be key influencers in the development of their nations – to ensure that Godly values and principles underpin policies crafted and adopted by the state.

Considering the myriad of complex challenges facing 21st century leaders and that are threatening the survival of mankind, it is more imperative now than ever before for Christians to be awakened to their gatekeeping responsibilities and to contribute constructively towards national and global development.

A4CG’s National Christian Forum, therefore, positions itself as a catalyst towards this vision.  

The 2-day annual forum, the second of its kind, is expected to host hundreds of influential and emerging Christian leaders responsible for various gatekeeping roles in the marketplace.

Day 1 is slated for Friday, August 27 and starts at 6pm while Day 2 starts at 9:00am Saturday, August 28, 2021 under the theme: ‘A Review of Key National Sectors, Current Progress and our Christian Responsibility’.

Nine local and international speakers are billed to support the process of understanding, reviewing and distilling Christian obligations for promoting national development across key sectors in Ghana.

Veteran Singaporean Investment Strategist, International Journalist and Gatekeeper Georgie Lee will share spiritual insights for empowering believers to deal with the rising insecurities in the marketplace.

Prof Charles Ackah, an economist and a Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana, will speak to the STATE OF THE NATION, focusing on key indicators of national growth.

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While International Life Coach and leadership trainer Dr Yaw Perbi will share information on global trends and how these should inform smart collaborations for local Christian actions.

KPMG’s Head of International Development Advisory Services in East Africa Dr. George Manu speaks on the opportunities and challenges related to the current state of gatekeeping in Ghana.

Pastor Dr. Justice Appiah-Kubi, a Senior Lecturer and Dean of Students at Dominion University, will outline key lessons from the West connected with guarding Kingdom Gates. 

Mr. Edem Senanu, Chairman for Advocates for Christ Ghana, will present on the strategic imperatives for guarding Kingdom gates in the country.

Participants will discuss the state of the nation during break-out sessions clustered around key national sectors/gates and proceed to agree on individual and collective actions required by Christians to make progress and move the nation forward.

The forum is expected to end with a communique that will be shared with key state actors and agencies to guide post-forum engagements and that will capture concrete actionable outcomes that can be monitored and measured to assess progress.

Last year, about 300 people participated from all over the world in the Annual National Christian Forum.

This year about 500 Christians are expected to attend and so “we call on Christian professionals, pastors, patriots, and more to participate and be a part of this historic coalescing of Christian voice and action”.