Christian Atsu’s senior brother narrates how family dealt with news

Isaac Teye Twasam, Christian Atsu’s elder brother, has revealed how the family dealt with the news that their relative had gone missing following the massive earthquake in Turkey.

The 31-year-old Hatayspor player scored on Sunday night to give his team a crucial win, but the celebrations were short-lived due to the disaster, which killed thousands of people.

After being trapped under rubble for 26 hours, Atsu was rescued on Tuesday morning. He is being treated in a hospital.

Isaac says it was difficult to accept the news, but they are grateful that their man is still alive.

“I was taking feeding fees from school pupils when I was informed about the incident. Upon hearing I stopped, headed home and immediately turned off my phone lied flat on the floor,” he told Dan Kwaku Yeboah Tv on YouTube.

“We were all frightened by the news but we took solace in how God saved Jonah from the belly of the big fish. Hence we knew no matter what, Atsu would be back safe.

“So we continued in prayers just like Ghanaians did. We received motivation through numerous phone calls.

“We heard media reports of his survival on Monday evening but we wanted to confirm from his club and management first.

“Atsu’s agent refuted the claims of him being found in the evening when I called to confirm following numerous reports. The anxiety intensified after that call. It almost broke me down,” he added.

Isaac Twasam also stated that they had contacted Atsu’s wife, who lives in London. He said that she and the footballer’s children were all fine.

He went on to thank all Ghanaians for their love shown upon hearing the news.

“I never knew Atsu had so many lovers. I was really delighted as calls came in from different parts of Ghana including strangers who all called to stand in solidarity.”

Hannah and Peace Twasam, both sisters of Christian Atsu were overly grateful to Ghanaians who showed concern. According to them, tribal and religious differences did not matter as they received calls from all kinds of people to express care and sympathy.



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