Chief One out with a new song, ‘Wotelewoea’

Chief One out with a new song, 'Wotelewoea'
Chief One

Chief One gets into the minds of the street with a new term, ‘Wotelewoea’. The witty title for his just-released single is a popular term within his music clique, Lawada Republiq. He intends to popularize it with a song he titles the same. ‘Wotelewoea’ is a Ewe parlance which translates as “Can You Do It?” or “You Sure Did It?”

The term is used o show disapproval or doubt, especially when it sounds too good to be true or unreal. Though not so popular, Chief One employs the word to make it a more popular and vibrant slang.

Chief One again uses indigenous ensembles in the production works as he teams with his resident producer/sound engineer, Hairlergbe. With the indigenous sounds from his home region, Volta, he infuses local percussion and a touch of the new Amapiano craze with heavy African drums to defend his originality.

Chief One and Hairlergbe have always had a flawless synergy with multiple works in the studio. Hairlergbe seems to steal the soft spot of Chief One from any other music producer. Chief One always involves himself and co-produces his songs recorded with Hairlergbe.

He uses a snoozy vocal style to deliver this song with dense and well-crafted lyrics in his baritone voice. His intriguing style of lyrics was spread across his native language, Ewe, as well as English (Pidgin) to get the cross-market appeal.

Chief One is a Young Ghanaian talent who broke out this year in January 2022 with a debut EP, ‘Here I Come’. ‘Here I Come’ spans almost 3 million organic streams across varied online streaming platforms.

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