Chelsea, Rexona partner for grassroots dev’t in Africa

Rexona’s Umar Alam (R) was happy with the partnership

English Premier League giants Chelsea have entered into a partnership with Rexona that both parties hope will have significant impact on the lives of footballers in Ghana and across the continent.

The agreement, formalized last Saturday at Chelsea’s Cobham training grounds, has grassroots development at its core and will make training and development opportunities available to young African players in areas.

“Chelsea is considered one of the most successful football club, representing some of the top athletes in this game and that is why Chelsea is the perfect partner for Rexona,” Umar Alam, Director of Deodorants at Rexona, Unilever’s Deodorants Category Director for Africa said.

“Today is the start of a long term partnership which is pan African. We want to develop soccer at grassroots level giving African millenials literally a chance to change their lives,” he added.

Chelsea’s Director of International Development, Ian Woodroffe, says the club is pleased to be building on its relationship with Rexona and add that there are real opportunities in the Rexona partnership for young African players.

“For me, there is nothing more exciting than finding fresh talent. When you meet a player who is prepared to put in that sweat, that sacrifice, then you know you have found something. That’s why I am excited about this partnership. This partnership with Rexona will provide an amazing opportunity for aspiring African footballers.”

The partnership, Rexona hopes, will do more than just shape players.

Chelsea’s Director of International Development Ian Woodroffe (L) welcomed Vanessa Kavi to Cobham

Rexona hopes it shapes their personalities too.

“Through this partnership, we want to build the confidence of these players,” Vanessa Kavi (Brand Manager – Deodorants at Unilever Ghana) says.

“Having the confidence in the moment that matter can often be the difference between winning and losing and with Rexona, anyone can have the confidence to face the day.”

Chelsea already has a strong connection to the African continent.

Ivorian star Didier Drogba is considered the best striker in the club’s history while Ghanaian Michael Essien was a stalwart in midfield for them for many years.

They currently employ Nigeria star Victor Moses and Ghanaian defender Baba Rahman.

This partnership in many ways will simply nurture that long standing relationship but with players at the grassroots level the ultimate beneficiaries.


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