Chartered accountants avail themselves for 2016 elections

The Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (ICAG) has written to the Electoral Commission to help in the conduct of this year’s polls, the Commissioner has revealed.

Members of the Institute want to help in the collation of results at the 275 collation centers, she added.

Speaking on Accra-based Joy FM on Saturday, January 9, Charlotte Osei indicated that the services of more professionals will be sought in the conduct of the polls, which is highly likely to be held on November 7.

But she insisted that those professionals will be hired purely on voluntary basis.

Mrs Osei said about 145,000 presiding officers will be hired for the three-tier preparation process towards the elections with the first batch of officers expected to be hired next week.

They will help in the conduct of registration fixed for March 21 to April 4.

She also revealed that media professionals will be allowed in early voting ahead of the polls unlike in 2012.

This will be made possible as a result of amendments to be made to the constitutional instrument (CI).

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