Charles Antwi's fate to be decided on August 31

An Accra High Court has set August 31, as date for hearing an application to quash the decision by a Circuit Court that sentenced 36-year old Charles Antwi to ten years in prison, for attempting to assassinate President Mahama.

Counsel for the accused person, Francis Xavier Sosu, said the convict is mentally unstable and posited the court committed an error of law in sentencing him.

The Human Rights Lawyer said it was clear for the court to have realized that Charles Antwi is mentally unstable based on his demeanor and utterances in court on the day he was sentenced.

He told the court the Bureau of National Investigations, BNI, also confirmed after investigations in his hometown that he was not mentally sound. Meanwhile a medical report has also confirmed that Charles Antwi is not mentally sound.

He said the accused person was not of sound mind and incapable of defending himself. The applicant is seeking the high court for a judicial review of the hearing.

Xavier Sosu also argued that the ten year sentence was wrong based on the count he was sentenced on.

The state is however of the view that the conviction by the court was right but agreed with the applicant the ten year sentence was wrong.

The Attorney General is calling for an appeal in order for Charles Antwi to be re-arrested and put on trial again.

Charles Antwi was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after visiting the President’s church with a fully loaded gun and later admitting to the court that he wanted to kill the President.

One of his reasons was that the President was not running down the country and so he wanted to kill him to become the president.

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