Captain Smart goes straight on radio after release; what he said about his detention quite staggering!

We don’t respect tradition because of Christianity – Captain Smart grieves
Captain Smart

Immediately after his release from police custody on Thursday afternoon, Onua FM/TV’s morning show host Captain Smart went on air to be interviewed abut his ordeal last night.

He was on OnuaFM‘s Efie Ne Fie hosted by Dr Prekese.

In narrating his ordeal since Wednesday night, Captain Smart, full name Blessed Godsbrain Smart, said he was driven around Accra for about three hours before being taken to Greda Estates Police Station.

He said all along he was feeling sleepy and so went straight to sleep when they arrived at the police station.

He stressed that he was unfazed by the situation because even key political leaders such as Nelson Mandela, John Agyekum Kufuor and Martin Luther King Junior were jailed at one time before seeking the freedom of their people.

Despite denying harbouring any presidential ambitions, Captain Smart insisted that he has a “destination” for the country and that is simply to have a “new Ghana”.

He added that when he woke up from his sleep in the night, he was blessed with several ideas, many of which he put in a 16-page document.

“Nobody touched us not even a feather was used on us,” he clarified.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

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