Capt. Mahama's killers not fit to be called human beings – Amaliba

Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama[/caption] A legal practitioner, Abraham Amaliba says killers of Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama of the Ghana Armed Forces have shown that they do not qualify to be classified as humans. Some residents of Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region marshaled every lethal weapon available to them, including blocks, stones, guns and mortals among others as they clubbed the army officer to death on May 29.  Captain Mahama, having jogged covering a distance of about 10 kilometers, stopped in the town to buy snails from a woman. Police say while removing his money the woman saw his pistol and raised alarm that he was an armed robber leading to his lynching. Many who have watched the ignoble act recorded by some residents are appalled by the way Captain Mahama was murdered when he had clearly shown to the people that he posed no danger and was ready to negotiate with them, but people who appeared bloodthirsty decided to rather kill him. Analysing the issue on TV3’s flagship programme, New Day on Saturday, Abraham Amaliba who is also a member of the opposition NDC, said the people’s attitude shows that “we are all at risk”. He noted that the situation in the country is getting dire especially when people feel that they can do something bad and get away with it. “People don’t need education to know that it is no good to kill,” he stated and urged government to do more about the insecurity in the country. Suspecting that Captain Mahama was targeted because he was not allowing persons engaging in illegal mining to have their way, Mr. Amaliba said it was time the state showed its might and began to enforce the laws. “What happened at Denkyira Obuasi, for me, was barbaric…those who did that dastardly act, must bow down their heads in shame, they are not fit to be called human beings…they are not fit to be called human beings and cannot leave with us.” He however commended the Ghana Armed Forces for showing “extreme tolerance”, noting that many would have been killed if this had happened some years back. Mr. kwame Jantuah, Vice Chairman of Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) who was utterly disgusted by the behaviour of Denkyira Obuasi residents, described the action as  a “very, very sad occasion”. “When I watched the video, one thing that came to mind was that I won’t hit a dog that way. “Hitting the head with a block…can human being be that wicked?” he wondered.

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