Cape Coast North & South MPs donate to Asafo companies

The Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South Constituency, George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan and his counterpart for Cape Coast North Constituency, Kwamina Mintah-Nyarko, has donated items to seven Asafo Companies to enhance their activities ahead of the 2022 Fetu Afehye in Cape Coast.

Asafo Companies are traditional military armies formed to protect the various Fantse states as a result of contact with European colonial powers. It derives from the word “Sa” which means war and “Fo” also means people.

Therefore, several Asafo companies were formed in various Fantse states. However, there are 7 Asafo Companies in Cape Coast namely, No.1 Bentsir, No.2 Anaafo, No.3 Ntin, No.4 Nkum, No.5 Brofomba, No.6 Akrampa and No 7 Amanful.

Each company is headed by a Superior Captain (Supi) and under the Supi is a captain (Safohen).

The leader of the Asafo Company is Tufuhen,who is regarded as the General Captain with responsibility for giving orders and directing affairs if war breaks out.

The MPs stressed the need to support Asafo Companies to enable them to perform their roles in various traditional areas.

Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, the Cape Coast South MP, indicated that Asafo Companies play important role in traditional areas, and traditional areas cannot effectively perform their functions without the role of Asafo Companies.

Therefore, he insisted, there’s a need for individuals especially those living outside Cape Coast to assist these Asafo Companies.

“We all know in our culture that if the festival is about to begin in Cape Coast, the Asafo Companies together with Supi emerge to perform a purification rite to call on our forefathers to protect the community but all these things involve in money and therefore we MPs from Cape Coast metro are really behind you and will continue to support you because we came to meet it and we will make sure all necessary support you need are provided,” the MP assured Oguaa Asafo Companies.

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Each Asafo Company received gun-power, gun-chippings, Schnapps, gallons of apeteshie and GH¢500. An additional GH¢300 was given to each of them.

Supi Lawyer Lindsay

Supi Lawyer Lindsay spoke on behalf of the Asafo Companies. He thanked the two MPs for their gesture, stating that they went through difficulties before raising money to support their activities.

They pledged to work hand-in-hand with the two MPs to bring development to the city.

By Kwame Kakarba||Ghana