Cancer survivor Stephanie Benson donates to Korle-Bu on behalf of Pink Of Africa

Cancer survivor Stephanie Benson donates to Korle-Bu on behalf of Pink Of Africa.
Stephanie Benson at the Cancer unit of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

On March 18, 2022, Stephanie Benson, on behalf of Pink For Africa, donated money and breast prosthesis to the Cancer unit at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

Speaking on her experience with cancer on the Ladies Circle, Stephanie emphasized the benefits of having a breast prosthesis after one has undergone a mastectomy. She said, “When women have their mastectomy, they don’t have either one or the other and sometimes both breasts. In my case, I had to take both off. I had a double mastectomy. So we are giving some women a chance to look good in their clothes.”

The presentation took place in a quaint simple ceremony at the wards where Stephanie got to interact and share encouragement with the female patients on admission. She also delivered a short speech to announce her intentions for the day.

“Today, we came here to present an amount of GHc 30,000 to help Korle-Bu with the ladies who have gone through cancer, like me. And also, we are presenting some prosthetics for the ladies who obviously haven’t had the ability to have a reconstruction. So they also feel like women, in their clothes at least. So that’s what we are here for, on behalf of Pink For Africa.”

The Head nurse on duty, with a vote of thanks and on behalf of the department, received the items and cash.

“On behalf of women living with breast cancer, we thank you very much. This money and the prosthetics that you have brought is going to benefit them so much. It’s going to boost their self-image to make them feel like they are women again. So, thank you very much.”

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana