CAF outlines women’s football strategy

The Confederation of African football (CAF) has outlined a strategic plan to shape the future of the women’s game on the continent. Women’s football across the continent in due course would experience a new era that would be termed as ‘Growth or Development’. As noted by Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”. So to make the most of the current status of the women’s game, CAF has sought change. Isha Johansen, Chairperson of Organising Committee for Women’s Football, is optimistic this strategy will help improve the women’s game and enhance the developmental plan they have been waiting for. “The strategy is a follow-up on the CAF Women’s Football Symposium in 2018,” she said. “We have now established strategies and drawn up a road map which we believe will enhance the development of women’s football on the continent in all areas and levels from Leadership, Governance, Technical, Education, Strategic Partnerships and Grassroots,” she added. The strategy developed by CAF’S Women’s Task Force team is built on five main priorities namely Development, Competitions, Marketing & Promotion, Professionalization & Leadership and Social impact. The plan, for an initial four-year period, 2020-2023, is tailor-made taking into consideration eccentricity of the continent with a commitment to develop women’s football at levels to new heights. That commitment was echoed by CAF President Ahmad Ahmad, who believes this new step will revamp women’s football on the continent. “It sets out a clear roadmap for specific actions which will revolutionize women’s football. My gratitude goes out to the key stakeholders and experts who took part in putting together this strategic document, which is the beginning of many things to come. #ItsTimeItsNow,” said Ahmad Ahmad, CAF President The campaign #ItsTimeItsNow represents the new identity for the women’s game and will serve as a reference for the promotion and development of the sport across the continent and as a guide to success for Member Associations and other stakeholders. In November, 2018 when Ghana hosted the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations, CAF Women’s Task Force met in Accra for the next phase of preparations for this Women’s Football Strategy. The team continued their discussion in November 2019, Cairo (Egypt) at  CAF’s first-ever Women’s Football Taskforce Workshop to identify key areas to develop and measures to put in place to ensure a strong and dynamic future for the growth of women’s football in Africa. Click here for the full document for #ItsTimeItsNow Strategy from CAF

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By Nana Akua Amankwaa Quaye||Ghana]]>