C/R: Rev Obed Danquah wins overall best farmer 2022 at Gomoa Central

Rev. Obed Danquah has been awarded the overall best farmer at Good Central in the Central Region.

He was awarded during the 2022 national farmers’ day event on Friday December 2.

He owns the Morgan Farms which comprises 100 acres of coconut, 28 acres of cocoa plantain, cocoyam, lemon, pear etc. There is also 502 pigs on the farm.


He hails from Gomoa Abrekum, near Apam. His family migrated to Gomoa Manso, all in the Central Region where he has established Morgan International Community School.

Right from infancy, he has loved working in the farm. At the age of 11, he was into sponge business where roots of tree were processed into bathing sponges. He later went into wood business where he had to hire older people to process the wood for him to sell from Akim Eshiem to say Agona Swedru and Winneba.

He made enough for his commercial school education in the late 1970’s until he left the shores of Ghana to Nigeria where he wrote his Advanced Level of the West Africa Examination Council before he left for Great Britain.

During his time in Great Britain, Rev. Obed Danquah, among other businesses run a business as a Fish Monger and then introduced butcher shop into his chain of businesses as well as grocery shop.

He also pursued various courses in Accountancy, Law, Business Administration, Business Executive Course as well as Data Processing Management Course.

Rev. Obed Danquah went into a money transfer business in the mid 1990’s called Express Funds Money Transfer and later established an outlet in Ghana after obtaining licence from Bank of Ghana. Express Funds became a household name in Ghana for over a decade. He also established Express Savings and Loans but sold it before Bank of Ghana closure to banks .

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Rev. Obed Danquah also established Express Life Insurance Company and later transferred some shares to Leepfrog, a South African accompany and together sold the Company to now, Prudential Life Insurance.

Rev. Obed Danquah is passionate about training the youth into entrepreneurship. Therefore, he founded Entrepreneurship Training Institute, now offering Bachelor Degrees in Entrepreneurship, management and Education.

Upon arrival from Great Britain to resettle in Ghana, Rev. Obed Danquah established Morgan Farms and was primarily into poultry, becoming one of the largest poultry farms in Ghana with over one hundred and sixty birds at some pint and wining the best poultry farm in the district and then in the central region.

In order to enhance his level of education, he went to study at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration ( GIMPA) for his MBA Course and after a whole went to study theology at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture for his Master of Arts (MA) in Mission, Gospel and Culture. He also pursued further and obtained Master of Theology ( MTh).

In 2020, Rev. Obed Danquah took a commercial interest into agriculture once again and this time into a relatively late scale farming of having 100 acres of coconut, 28 acres of cocoa amid plantain, cocoyam, lemon, cassava, corn etc. He also has over 500 pigs and still growing.

Obed Danquah believes that with most Ghanaians venturing into Agriculture in different forms, Ghana will be less dependent on imported foods to help sustain our foreign exchange earnings and indeed reserves.

Therefore, he calls on Government to provide more incentives to the youth to motivate them go into agriculture for possible increase in our export products.

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