C/R: Don’t rely on gov’t alone – NPP aspirant to youth

James Brew-Wartemberg

An aspiring Parliamentary Candidate for Cape Coast South Constituency ahead of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) primaries has called on the youth not to rely on government and seeking greener pastures to develop themselves.

Mr. James Brew-Wartemberg said Ghanaian youth can do everything in Ghana by themselves, even though the government must create the enabling environment for them.

The aspirant made the observation in an interview with Onua FM ahead of the primaries to elect Parliamentary Candidate to lead the party for the 2024 elections.

“It means we can do everything in the country. We should not rely on foreign in-flows or going to seek a greener pasture. We should not rely solely on government. Yes, the government must help us but if we solely rely on the government, we will not realize our potentials,” Mr. Brew-Wartemberg told Onua FM.

Mr. Brew-Wartemberg said one of the cardinal things he would do should he become the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South is to “empower the people”.

“I will help them access capital if I win the seat. I can lobby for people to come and help us. We have so many NGOs that are willing to come and help us.”

Job creating is key

He said “job creating is key” in Cape Coast South.

“Fishing is one of the main occupations in Cape Coast and we can brand and advertise this properly. We can have weekly activities or market where we showcase what we do in that market for people to come and patronize. We can bring all sort of artisans, tailors and dress makers, and others will come and showcase what they do on weekly basis.”


Mr. Brew-Wartemberg said: “Central Region is the hub of education in Ghana. All the big schools are in Central Region, specifically Cape Coast, but ask yourself, how many of the students in these schools comes from Cape Coast.”

He explained that “at least, we must benefit from the resources in Cape Coast”.

“I will add scholarship to the Free SHS. We have Free SHS but that is not enough…we have so many companies in Cape Coast South that are ready to help offer scholarships to students.”

Tourism development

The aspirant said “tourism is also huge in the region, especially, Cape Coast”.

“People come to Cape Coast Castle but do not sleep in Cape Coast…they go back to Accra to sleep. Why can’t we modernize it and make revenue out of it. Cape Coast Castle is a tourist destination but ask what percentage comes to the people of Cape Coast.

“I will lobby for a portion to be set aside for youth development in Cape Coast.

“We can brand Cape Coast for tourists. We can make it attractive for those who visit Cape Coast.”


Mr. Brew-Wartemberg assured that “every project that would be done must be accounted for under his tenure” should he become the MP.

“I am not saying someone has squandered money but we shall ensure accountability.”

Insurance for delegates

“I will institute a special insurance package for every delegate. At least, GH₵50,000 to GH₵10,000 for each delegate so that in future, if there is any eventuality, this can help you as a delegate”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|3news.com|Ghana


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