BoG gains plaudits for making economic data more accessible on its Database Portal


An Economist Dr Theo Acheampong has applauded the Bank of Ghana (BoG) for making economic data more accessible through the new Database Portal.

The central bank on Monday, February 5 announced to the general public the launch of the Beta Version of the Bank of Ghana Database Portal, which aims at providing a single environment for extracting and visualizing macroeconomic data.

The provision of this portal is in line with international best practice and the Bank’s commitment to greater transparency associated with its inflation targeting framework of monetary policy.

The portal will also help meet data request demands from the general public and
support research work.

The data contained in the portal is organised along five main Economic Sectors as

§ External Sector
§ Financial Sector
§ Fiscal Sector
§ Monetary Sector
§ Real Sector and Survey Based Indicators

The macroeconomic data is made up of 255 monthly and 86 quarterly time series
data sourced from the BoG and other key stakeholder institutions.

Data updates and revisions will be done according to the Data Release Calendar as
published on the portal.

Commenting on this on his X platform, Dr Theo Acheampong said “A big kudos to the Bank of Ghana for making economic data even more accessible through the new Bank of Ghana Database Portal, available at I’ve had a chance to play around with the portal, and it is fantastic. Some of the data points that hitherto I had to dig through countless PDF reports published by them are now easily downloadable for further analysis and research. The central bank, the Ghana Statistical Service, and the Ministry of Finance  have improved tremendously over the past few years in making data more accessible. Long may this continue.”