Bullet went political on Wendy Shay’s ‘Heat’ – Entertainment pundit

Bullet went political on Wendy Shay’s ‘Heat’ – Entertainment pundit
Wendy Shay's 'Heat' visuals

Entertainment pundit Mr Sammy has revealed that Wendy Shay’s song ‘Heat’ was used as a medium to drive a political agenda.

During an interview on Power FM, Mr Sammy critically analyzed Wendy Shay’s ‘Heat’, and he concluded that the motive behind the music is of a political nature.

“You don’t understand the song (Heat). I own the code to the song. Let me explain it to you. Bullet is very deep in thought. The message he wants to give out there is political but just finding a way around it.

“In 2016 the NPP had a slogan, ‘Nana will come’, do you remember? He wanted to make it controversial, so we don’t get the understanding of the song. You said Nana should come, and now Nana is here. But the is still heat in town, so link us to Mr John, who is Mahama. That’s the code of the song,” he said.

He further explained that two kids dressed in NPP and NDC colours are a major piece of political evidence.

“In the music video, you would see two kids wearing NPP and NDC attire. One is tall, and the other is short. The tall one is in the NDC colours, and the short one is in the NPP colours. Bullet is very smart in thought. This song must be adopted by NDC politicians, and they must pay Bullet as well. Because that is the motive of the song.”

He concluded that as an entertainment pundit, he can confidently tell that the ‘Heat’ song written by Bullet and sung by Wendy shay is politically-motivated.

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By Gladys Cudjoe|3news.com|Ghana