Building a Station: Passion, poise and panache – 10 leading ladies: Ghana’s Most Beautiful

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I’ve not followed a beauty pageant in over a decade. It has to be more than a decade because Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) is in its tenth season and I know next to nothing about it…save the name and some snippets of information I gathered on Facebook. This past week, I sat front row during a live performance of ten of Ghana’s Most Beautiful Season 10.  I remember sitting in a planning meeting a few months back with some of my colleagues from TV3 as we planned towards the GMB Season 10. After a few minutes of presentations, I asked what GMB was all about. I hadn’t followed in previous years, I didn’t vote, I just didn’t bother. Here I was now, sitting in a meeting talking about how the biggest season of GMB was going to look and feel.
I had the option to sit through the meeting and pretend I knew everything about this pageant. I was nicely briefed and yes, I did feel a bit nerdy. Fast forward to 10th September, 2016. I sat through 2 hours of the show. I was blown away! Ten of Ghana’s most beautiful daughters were presented to the world. Ten eloquent, confident representations of Ghana. On this occasion, the contestants were hosted by radio presenters from three of the radio brands in the Media General group – 3FM and Onua FM in Accra and Connect FM in Takoradi. Their poise, their flow, their presentation of themselves…and their fashion – all very impressive.
The next day, I went to purchase a few items from a shop. A young man who regularly helps with my items was at his usual best…always ready to serve. As we approached my car he stated “Oh 3FM! I saw you people yesterday on Ghana’s Most Beautiful on TV3”. He was smiling from ear-to-ear. Then he added, “I was watching the lady from my home town, she always speaks so well”. So I asked “Which one?” and he mentioned her name. There were two things that made me happy – firstly that he recognized the brand on my car and mentioned the name of the station, and secondly, the pride I saw in his eyes as he mentioned the name of the contestant that represents his region. I drove away in deep thought. This young lady, competing in GMB10 may have no idea the reach and scope of influence she has on the happiness of her people. She may never have a conception of the pride that she brings to several people watching her from across the nation and she may never know the impact her progression in the competition will have on other lives.
Leadership is about influence. This past weekend, I had the privilege to meet ten leading ladies. I know that when we think about leadership, we think political leadership or corporate leadership but for the positive influence these ladies have (potentially and in real terms), I believe they are leaders. I listened to them speak about the ills of society and the issues that affect their communities. The passion, the poise and the panache. I will follow this pageant because I want to know how it ends and who emerges as the primus inter pares. But I dedicate this piece to the GMB contestants: you’re leading communities, lead well. Be excellent representations of your regions…and collectively of our country and strive to win!
Petra Aba Asamoah2Petra Aba Asamoah
Head of Station – 3FM 92.7

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