British murder suspect allowed audience with counsel

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Arthur Simpson-Kent suspected to have murdered EastEnders actress, Sian Blake, was on Thursday, January 14 allowed to meet his counsel for the first time.

Lead counsel Justice Srem-Sai had complained at last Tuesday’s hearing at the Kaneshie Magistrate Court that his client was denied a right to fair trial as he was not allowed to meet his lawyers.

The Court, therefore, ordered an audience between the two.

The meeting between Mr Simpson-Kent and lawyer Srem-Sai took place at the CID Headquarters in Accra.

The suspected murderer, who was arrested last weekend at Butre in the Western Region of Ghana, is said to have given his lawyer further instructions in respect of the extradition proceedings.

His case was adjourned to Tuesday, January 26.

Mr Simpson-Kent is being held for murdering wife Blake, 43, and their two sons – Zachary, 8, and Amon, 4.

The deceased were found buried in the garden of their south-east London home.

Mr Simpson-Kent, who has confessed the murder was an agreement between him and Sian Blake, is expected to be extradited to the United Kingdom for the murder trial.


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