British-Ghanaian invents earbuds that auto-translate 40 languages

From personal computers through commercial space exploration and now auto-translator earbuds, Emmanuel Samani has been speaking with British-Ghanaian entrepreneur, Danny Manu on his latest invention.

Danny Manu’s innovative “CLIK” products are Bluetooth earbuds which automatically detect a language being spoken and readily provides a translation within a few seconds, which have since garnered him international attention and interest.

Not only does Click enable users to converse efficiently in nearly forty languages, it also allows them to call, text and read notifications from their devices. He intends to expand his brand by establishing a market in Africa.

MyManu, the company that makes Click uses its unique operating system to even make text-to-speech and speech-to-text possible. Users could communicate with nearly two billion people around the world and not need be connected to the internet before they can use the device.


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