Bribi Gye Gye Wo: Mona Gucci tells it all ahead of debut show on Onua TV

Bribi Gye Gye Wo: Mona Gucci tells it all ahead of debut show on Onua TV
Mona Gucci

Bribi Gye Gye Wo set to air its debut appearance on Onua Tv with sensational Mona Gucci. But not before she spills the beans on the past, present and future of the Mona Empire.

Ghana’s sweetheart will appear on your screens with a new and exciting controversial show, Bribi Gye Gye Wo, on Media General’s Onua TV. Monalisa Abigail Semaha, popularly known as Mona Gucci in showbiz circles, is back with another compelling entertainment show.

Mona Gucci, born Monalisa Abigail Semaha, is a delicate mix of Volta and Krobo. She is an old student of Labone Senior High. The lively Tv hostess confessed that her favourite musician is Davido and Hollywood Channing Tatum as her crush. She also recounts an interview with King Jerry as the most thrilling episode of her career. She described the interview with the Ghanaian musician as the most compelling grilling ever. But that experience is not at par with memories of riding a motorbike with her father.

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Addressing rumours surround the reason for her leave from her previous employers. Mona Gucci said that the relationship is very cordial, and no bridges were burnt during her transfer. She said, “I left Kantanka TV with the intention of going back to school. Secondly, I wasn’t happy there. And anything that threatens my peace of mind and happiness, I will walk away from it.

Her first pick to be with Media General was because a boss lady deserves a boss media house. She described Media General as always being the first in news and best in entertainment. The perfect environment for her to nurture her passion and career.

Speaking on the previous fracas about her career history, Mona Gucci confidently stated that was not her first career choice. She has always loved the extravaganza of showbiz but did not dream of dominating the industry. But since her appearance on the entertainment scene, she has held her own and marked her territory commendably. She also has no plans to switch her career to anything soon.

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Mona Gucci promises to dazzle Ghanaians with her new Tv show on Onua Tv. Biribi Gye Gye Wo, which translate as Something-is-worrying-you, promise to live up to its name. She said, “On Thursday, Ghana will come to a halt. The screen goddess sits and talks showbiz!”

Biribi Gye Gye Wo airs on Onua Tv, on Thursdays at 3 pm and Saturdays at 8 pm.

By Grace Afua Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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