#BreakTheBias:  5 women in music breaking the bias

Women can hardly get away with the kind of things many men in the same industry get away with on regular basis.

Whatever the reason may be, they might have had to work twice more than the male counterparts to have to look as amazing as they are.

 We pay attention to a lot of internal and external factors in picking out these top; (not so new) female musicians who always increase the appeal for Ghanaian music internationally and always putting Ghana on the map.

The ladies in the music industry in Ghana have done amazingly well, proving their worth time and again within this last decade and massing various ground breaking records in Africa.

However female artistes in Ghana have seemingly been underrated. Maybe, it’s a cultural perception seeing male musicians as having the upper hand in the industry.

 Whatever the reason might be, they seem to have to work twice more to make it to the mainstream.  

As carefully unbiased as possible, these are the five female Ghanaian artiste you should be looking out for internationally


One of the sought after female musicians in Ghana is undoubtedly Sefadzi Abena Amesu best known as Sefa.

I should inspire them; The pressure is from their own envy – Mona 4Reall

The “afro pop hit maker is currently taking Ghanaian music by storm. The beautiful and talented songstress has indeed come to stay in the music industry.

Her talent and unique style of music has helped her gained a lot of followers and a strong fanbase not only in Ghana but across the world especially with her Echoke and fever release ft sarkodie. Sefa has an amazing personality, a great fashion sense and her determination to put Ghana on the map is admirable.

The singer is signed on to DBlacks ” Black Avenue Music” and has currently joined the sony music publishing family.


Birthed into a family of musicians, Ghanaian singer Jackline Acheampong, known in showbiz as Gyakie is continuing a legacy of boldly African musicianship.

 She is the daughter of 80’s highlife music legend Ernest ‘Owoahene’ Nana Acheampong, but has come into her own as singer and a songwriter, releasing her debut EP ‘’Seed’’ last August.

 The songbird, as she is affectionately called, is signed on to “flip the music”, a Ghanaian based record label.

She has no other intentions than giving relevance to Ghanaian music on the international level.

[Video]New Music: Baby - Mona4reall ft Shatta Wale


Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome known in showbiz circles as Cina Soul is a Ghanaian soul singer-songwriter and a recording artist, whose first attempt at music was her participation in the Vodafone Ghana Music Icons in 2014 where she emerged as a finalist.

In 2016, Cina Soul released her debut album, ‘Metanoia’ the record that led her to the spotlight, earning her a spot on the charts with singles; ‘Awo’ and ‘Julor

The sultry singer who is very particular about her sound has shown interest in selling the Ghanaian -Ga culture to the world. Her ‘ojorley’ record explains more about her sound. Her passion for representing and telling the rich Ghanaian story through her music is commendable.


Bleau, has a potent voice that is in its rich and unfaltering nature. Born and raised in the northern part of Ghana, she grew up listening to a medley of sounds from so many musicians all over the world.

Bleau’a work is deft and wide-ranging, with her recent single DownTown off her upcoming EP. Bleau is creating a safe space for people to be free enough to be themselves and be happy through her music.

This is absolutely the way to go.

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Bleau is breaking the industry bias and on a journey of putting Ghanaian music on the global map. She calls her journey ‘at her own pace’ #thebleauway


No one saw it coming. Her venture into the music scene was very unassuming. There were mixed reactions but that did not deter her, she kept releasing more singles.

Her transitioning from being an influencer, entrepreneur and a fashionista to perusing music fulltime has been swift and encouraging.

Hajia 4 real is very particular about her sound and anything she puts out there. Hence her quality music videos and quality productions.

As it stands now, she is one of the few artiste who spends over thousands of dollars on her music videos.

‘’Hajia 4 Real is working very hard towards her Grammy goal, and there is no turning back’’ she always reiterates.

The future for female artiste in Ghana globally is picking up swiftly, but it can only be better if we come together and encourage our females to go out there and make a difference and make the Ghanaian music industry valuable and attractive to investors for collective benefits.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana



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