Boy’s eye gouged out in northern Nigeria

Police in the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi say they are investigating a grisly attack on a 12-year-old boy who was found with one of his eyes gouged out.

The Koranic school pupil was lured by two strangers on motorbike to the outskirts of Kafin-Madaki town, according to a police statement, where his attacker “forcefully plucked” out his right eye and “abandoned him in his pool of blood”.

The victim later managed to walk back towards the town where he was spotted, rescued and rushed to a hospital. The suspects are currently at large, say police.

It’s not yet clear why the boy was targeted but in recent years there have reports of human body parts being removed for use in witchcraft.

Earlier this year, also in Bauchi state, another teenager was attacked and both his eyes were gouged out.

Source: BBC

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