BOST warns over defamatory publications

The Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) has served notice it will take “necessary steps to protect its corporate image” if some media firms do not desist from publishing “untruths” about it. According to them, the practice is “becoming rampant”. BOST in a statement on Thursday mentioned The Herald, The Informer, The Daily Post, The Ghana Palaver and The Republic as the newspapers to have published the “defamatory” publications. According to the statement, the first three newspapers mentioned above published the articles in their December 20 editions while The Ghana Palaver and The Republic published on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. BOST had already warned The Herald and on Monday wrote to the editor, accusing him of acting unprofessionally in headlining an article ‘Another Multi-Million Cedi Scandal Hits BOST – Details Coming Soon’. READ: BOST to sue The Herald over ‘falsehood’ if… The oil-storage firm called on media houses to contact its outfit for clarifications on issues to do with it. “Our doors are always open for all media persons to crosscheck information with us,” BOST reiterated in its statement. “Notice is hereby given that, henceforth BOST will not hesitate to take necessary steps to protect its corporate image.” Source:|Ghana ]]>

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