[Book Review] Why ‘The Usurper’s Dream’ matters

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When you first see the book, the cover is striking enough to hold your attention but it is the writing and interesting characters, that hook you from the beginning.

The book, based on the 19th century rise of the Ashanti Empire, weaves historical facts with mythology to create a world so realistic, the reader cannot help but devour the plot.

Yeayi Kobina’s debut novel, the usurper’s dream is the first of a serial book ‘the weaving of the old gods’. It follows two central characters connected by a prophecy that threatens to upset the balance of all things including the existence of the gods themselves.

Osei Tutu is far from home, his mission is to set his people free from a tyrant lord. All though prophecy guides him, he will need the help of an eager to prove himself oracle. The book relies heavily on myth of gods and magic of pre-colonial history.

Beautifully written and fast paced, ‘the Usurper’s Dream’ is one of the most brilliant works of historical fiction released this year. It’s full of people who are not great or immediately admirable- they deal with emotions that are all too familiar in a world that gets us questioning if we are indeed good enough.

Author Yeayi Kobina

With his debut novel, Yeayi Kobina shows us that legends and myths make for an interesting ‘drop everything and read’ story.

The Usurper’s Dream will be released on the 30th of September, 2022. Readers can pre-order on Amazon now.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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