Bole NPP Chairman champions demonstration to remove DCE

The constituency chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bole-Bamboi  on Tuesday led a group of youth in the area in a demonstration to demand the removal of their District Chief Executive (DCE), Veronica Alele Herming. The demonstrators marched through the principal streets of Bole holding placards with inscriptions bearing “Alele has no leadership skills, she is collapsing Bole Assembly”,  “Alele must Go” and more. The constituency chair, Sulemana Zakaria admitted to leading the demonstration to oust the DCE who they have accused of being incompetent. They also accused her of what they termed as disrespect to party leaders as well as chiefs of the area. According to them, the DCE is the mastermind of the chieftaincy issues in Bole and is also responsible for a curfew which has been imposed on the township. But the DCE has denied her involvement in any chieftaincy issues, stating the Bole chieftaincy started long before she was appointed as the DCE and could no possibly be the one behind it. [caption id="attachment_110398" align="alignnone" width="968"] They have among other things accused the DCE of incompetence[/caption] She explained that she is not surprised at the attitude of the constituency chairman because he has sent more than 10 letters to the president, Nana Akufo-Addo seeking her removal but she is still at post. Ms. Herming indicated she was in Accra to appeal to the authorities to lift the curfew which had been imposed on the people in the area which has slowed down business activities and retarding development in the area. According to her, she informed the party chairman about her journey to Accra only to receive a letter about a planned demonstration led by the chairman. According to the DCE, when she called the Chairman on phone to find out about the demonstration letter, he vehemently denied knowledge about it. She described the attitude of the chairman as that of a chameleon.

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