Bob Marley is bigger than Jay Z – Ghanaians pitch Sarkodie for Grammy win with new collab

Bob Marley is bigger than Jay Z - Ghanaians pitch Sarkodie for a Grammy win
Sarkodie and Bob Marley

Ghanaian Twitter is flooded with support for Sarkodie as he features alongside the reggae legend Bob Marley and the Wailers on the new version of Stir it Up. This history-making music is scheduled to drop tomorrow, Friday, December 20. 

The news was announced by the official Twitter account of the Bob Marley estate. The tweet reads: “New version of “Stir It Up” coming FRIDAY ft. Ghanaian artist @Sarkodie! pre-save:…”

They also added a quote from Sarkodie, where the Ghanaian musician described the experience as one of the notable highs in his career. 

“From #Sarkodie: ‘One of the highest moments in my career/Life… such a blessing to lay my vocals right next to the original vocals of the legend.’” 

Ghanaians have sent congratulatory messages for Sarkodie, who has become the chosen one, despite calls from musicians like Jay Z, who expressed a desire to be remembered with Bob Marley.

In April 2021, Jay Z told The Sunday Times, “hopefully, they speak of me [with] the names of Bob Marley and all the greats. But that’s not for me to say.”

Reactions on social media show the unity and love for Ghana music, including the publicity this huge milestone brings to the African continent. 

Sarkodie also echoed in affirmative retweeting Bob Marley’s tweet with a caption: “Finally we get to share with the world !!! Definitely my biggest highlight in my music journey big honour. Friday, we enjoy this! More stories to share.”

Sarkodie continues to pack laurels under his belt in an upward trajectory placing Ghanaian music on the globe with relentless passion and authentic music. 


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