Blogger Zion Felix rated as the worst dressed blogger in Ghana by fashion police, Charlie Dior

Blogger Zion Felix slammed for his messy fashion choices by fashion police, Charlie dior

Ghanaian fashion police and vlogger, Charlie Dior is not holding back his thoughts on the fashion choices of Entertainment blogger/Youtuber, Zionfelix Adomako.

In a new video on social media, the red carpet critic clapped back hard at the looks of ZionFelix who is currently on his European media tour.

“Everyone talking about #zionfelix messy interview style, but let’s talk about his fashions,” he captioned on Instagram.

According to Charlie Dior, the embattled father of two would be the worst dressed blogger if he had to rate the fashion sense of bloggers in Ghana despite his new found wealth.

Zion Felix who wore a peach jacket over black pants with white boots and a matching white cap was described by the vlogger as ‘picking his looks in the dark.’

“Apparently this is actually one of his best looks and this is the same person that was questioning my look during our sit down,” the US based critic remarked in his vlog wearing a black leather jacket and a beret  “When I saw this look, it looked like he picked the outfit from the dark. This is how the German Borgas were dressed in the 80s and 90s. I wasn’t born then but I saw pictures”

He added that the influencer and promoter did not have any reason to dress shabbily when people from rural areas including himself had updated their style to sit with the trends of the era.

“This look is not swaggy. You do not have an excuse because even we from the village have got style now. The world is a global village. You have google to help you out,” he pointed out.

Recall that Charlie Dior and Zion Felix sat down when the latter was in Ghana for holidays and the explosive no holds barred interview has given social media followers a lot of topics to discuss including his response to his evasive questions, gender non-conforming choice of clothing, makeup and his career.



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