Blakk Rasta gets Ghana ‘crying’ over new banger

Legendary Kuchoko artiste and radio presenter, Blakk Rasta released a total overhaul of an over 40-year-old Kakaiku song, Agyanka Ba (The Orphan) exactly a week ago and Ghanaians have since been ‘shedding tears’.

The little over 4 minutes song was produced by veteran musician Zapp Mallet at the Title Track Studios here in Accra, Ghana.

The song talks about a father’s lament over his failing health and possible death leaving his five-year-old behind to face this wicked world. He offers him advice in the form of a letter. The delivery is so emotional it immediately draws tears from listeners.

Agyanka Ba is a complex Kuchoko rendition combining Highlife and Reggae music in a lasagne of cherry-picked melodies. Palm wine guitars serenade the soft but hard-hitting song as Blakk Rasta delivers a poem that melts every heart, no matter hard it may seem.

The bass is infectious and remains with you long after listening as the tenor on it brightens it and keeps it antiquated. The song is delivered in English and Twi.

Several videos posted by people who have listened to Agyanka Ba show them mostly tearful and sorrowful. It looks like Blakk Rasta’s kind of Reggae which he calls Kuchoko (a blend of Reggae and indigenous African sounds) is here to stay.

Connoisseurs of the art like Amandzeba, Dela Botri, Joseph Sam Sarge, Georges Kouakou (Alpha Blondy’s former producer), Prince Mydas, and Mikal Asher amongst others have rated Agyanka Ba multi stars and believe the song will make a historic mark worldwide.

“Everyone has been an orphan in many ways than one. When our parents abandon us, we become orphans. When we struggle through life unfairly, we find ourselves in orphaned situations,” Blakk Rasta told 3news in an exclusive interview.

Agyanka Ba is one of the 32 tracks to be released in the TIMBUKTU BY ROAD album by Blakk Rasta on September 2, 2019 in the United States.

By Solomon Mensah |

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