Black Sheriff was a meal cooking but needed Burna Boy spices

“This is big for me ooo! This is Burna [Boy] on my song yeah crazy yeah.”

Asked if he would have done a different song with the Nigerian star if he had a choice, Black Sheriff replied, “That’s what he likes and I think this will actually give me the ‘ears’ I want because I’m loaded, I get bangers.”

Those were the words of current sensation Black Sheriff in an interview on TV3‘s Newday show with Berla Mundi last year, talking about how Burna Boy jumped on his Second Sermon remix, which has definitely without any arguments shot up the international image of the Kweku Frimpong hitmaker to a whole different level and given him the ‘ears’ he’s always wanted to release the loaded bangers stuck in the studio.

It’s all about Blacko on radio, TV, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and you name them especially after his epic performance of new hit Kweku The Traveller, which went on to top the Apple Music chart in Nigeria, making him the first Ghanaian solo artiste to penetrate the Nigerian music Top 100 in an era where top Nigerian musicians like Davido, Wizkid, Tekno, Tiwa Savage and others are all still making their mark on the international music scene.

One interesting ingredient missing in this aromatic meal being cooked all around the media space around Blacko is Burna Boy.

In my opinion, the Grammys winner was that only ingredient left to complete that meal Blacko had always wished to serve to the world.

Burna was on tour performing Black Sheriff’s Second Sermon and we all know how much of an impact that may have had in what we are all seeing today which is only the beginning of greater things to come from the young budding talent.

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Burna Boy’s impact on the rise of Blacko seems to have been completely ignored by most entertainment pundits which I find quite surprising because I’m sure these are known facts to us all on how Blacko broke into the Nigerian music market.

All the same, I’m certain this won’t bother a man who has won the Grammy awards and possibly looking forward to doing great collaborations with Stormzy, Zlatan, Ed Sheeran and the likes already on his list.

I believe credit has to be given where it’s due to create that harmony that’s been missing for some time within our music circles and admit two people can sing contrasting parts of a duet that can go together perfectly.

Kweku The Travellers‘ breakthrough on the Apple chart as Number One in Nigeria was just the perfect way for Blacko to make a stronger case on his arrival on the music scene but you cannot take credit from Grammy award winner Burna Boy, who has given him the ears others never gave him.

By Nana Afrane Asante

The writer is an entertainment analyst


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