Black Sherif and Ghana is number 1 in the world – Tim Westwood

Black Sherif and Ghana is number 1 in the world – Tim Westwood
Tim Westwood and Cookie Tee

British DJ Tim Westwood had only good things to say about Black Sherif’s rising career and Ghana’s new status as the vacation destination for the Christmas holidays.

Tim Westwood’s appearance on TV3 Newday fueled conversations about Ghana’s entertainment industry, the sensational Black Sherif, and Ghana’s reputation for being the most welcoming abode for people in the diaspora and the world.

“The energy right now is amazing. Black Sherif is the number one artist in the world. So many artists out of Ghana are doing amazing things at the moment. It’s great to be part of it.

“Back home, like people in the UK, Christmas is legendary in Ghana. It’s a legendary moment. It’s like the number 1 destination not just for people homecoming but people throughout the world.”

Tim Westwood, whose father served as an Anglican Bishop, has most of his work djing in nightclubs and other places that may be though unfit for a pastor’s son. But he tells Cookie Tee that his family received his occupation contrary to expectations.

“To be honest, I had left home by the time. I was doing my own thing from an early, and my dad was proud of me. He loved what I was doing. My mom passed away last year and she was proud of me, as well. I’m self-made,” he said.

Time Westwood TV has been a popular feature in Ghana’s entertainment industry as big acts showcase their freestyle skills on the turntables to the world. “I’m up in the clubs doing my thing, on the radio ripping it down, and I’ve got TimWestwoodTV. Tim Westwood TV is our youtube channel, and we’ve had a lot of tremendous Ghanian artiste come through,” Time Westwood discloses.

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The British DJ is here to share his passion with Ghanaians inside hot parties slated for this weekend after a tear down in Kumasi on Thursday at the Emperor Night Club.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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