Bizarre! Onwi residents fight to get potable water daily

Water is life; a basic necessity that everyone ought to have to survive but for the people of Onwi, a town in the Bosomtwe District of Ashanti Region, it’s a scarce commodity.

For them access to potable water is a challenge, particularly during the harmattan season.

The over 1000 residents rely on only one mechanized borehole and this, they say, compel some of them to drink from an ill-infected stream which they even walk several kilometres to get.

The situation has currently put pressure on the only mechanized borehole facility in the area. Residents, sometimes, have to resort to fighting before they can get water for their homes.

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They form long queues in the morning to fetch water from the borehole.

Joyce Esa, a resident expressed her frustration on the struggle she has to experience everyday before getting water. “We have been neglected for so long after several failed promises by the Bosomtwi District Assembly to provide us with additional borehole facility”, she said.

“Are we not as Ghanaians as others in the city”? Serwaa Nyarko, another resident, also questioned. Potable water, according to her, is a basic need, therefore they must not be deprived of that.

The community is also saddled with open defecation due to the breakdown of their only toilet facility. Residents now defecate in the open in near-by bushes; posing a health threat to them.

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The chief of the area, Nana Osei Kwabena II, appealed to the government and other philanthropists to assist the community with water and a toilet facility.

Assemblyman for the area, Joseph Kwasi Asuming says the Bosomtwe District Assembly has factored the provision of potable water to the community in its 2016 budget.

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He said he has on his own initiative secured sponsorship from a Dutch NGO to provide the community with a toilet facility, assuring the residents that work will work start soon.

But until an additional borehole facility is provided to the community, residents would continue struggling in their quest to access potable water for drinking and domestic purposes.

They also fear that, the rife in open defecation in the area can lead to a cholera outbreak.

Source: By: Ibrahim Abubakar