Bimbilla celebrates Supreme Court’s ruling on chieftaincy dispute

People of Bimbila welcome the Supreme Court ruling with excitement[/caption] Scores  of jubilant residents in Bimbilla in the Northern region thronged the township amidst singing and drumming as news bearers came to the Gmantambu Palace to officially announce the ruling of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court on Wednesday May 23, ruled on the long standing chieftaincy litigation between the Dasana and Nakpa factions of the Gbugmayili family, pronouncing the late Bimbilla Chief, Naa Andani Dasana as the legitimate occupant of the Bimbilla Skin. Read: Dasana family wins Bimbilla chieftaincy dispute The Apex court unanimously upheld previous rulings by the Regional and National House of Chiefs and the Tamale High Court. Excited residents flooded the Bimbilla stretch of the Eastern Corridor road from Shibi and Kpassah in the Volta Region all through to the Bimbilla township where the team of messengers made up of elders, and sub chiefs finally made their last stop at the Gmantambu Palace. [caption id="attachment_86124" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Bimbilla People of Bimbila welcome the Supreme Court ruling with excitement[/caption] According to the spokesperson of the Regent, Nyelinbogu Naa Yakubu Andani Dasana, the ceremonial announcement was necessary because the palace sent a delegation to the Supreme Court hearing. He said it was therefore “incumbent on them to return with the news of what transpired there since they were sent there by the palace, literally, the people of Bimbilla”. He added that “everyone in Bimbilla heard the news of the verdict, thanks to technology but that notwithstanding, the messengers will have to report back to the palace on their return”.

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By Ismail Zubaida||Ghana]]>