Benito Owusu-Bio inaugurates forest plantation development fund management board

Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr Benito Owusu-Bio has inaugurated the forest plantation development fund management board on Tuesday October 5

He stated that the Forest Plantation Development Fund Act was enacted in the year 2000 (Act 583) and was amended in 2002 (Act 623) to enable plantation growers both in the public and private sectors to participate in forest plantation development and to provide for related matters.

The fund, he said attracts its main source of funds from the levies imposed on the export of air-dried lumber. The idea behind
the levy was to promote the export of kiln dried lumber which attracts more foreign exchange earnings than air-
dried lumber.

Over the years the quantum of revenue derived from the levies has dwindled, indicating compliance with the kiln dried policy.

“The Board we are inaugurating this morning is to among other things, manage the funds under this Act to promote Forest Plantation Development in the Country.

“The focus of the Ministry currently is to embark on a vigorous afforestation drive to restore our lost vegetative cover. The Green Ghana initiative, for example, is one of the key interventions in restoring our degraded landscape.

“We expect the Fund Board to explore other sources of funding to complement the levy to ensure that we can sustain the support to all landscape restoration activities across the country.|


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