Bella and Lovelyn address their misunderstanding from the #PerfectMatchXtra Pool Party


In the aftermath of the intense altercation that occurred during the pool party on  #PerfectMatchXtra, Bella and Lovelyn have come forward to address the misunderstanding and clear the air surrounding their relationship dynamics.

During a heartfelt conversation over breakfast, Bella opened up about her concerns regarding Kordak’s growing fondness for Lovelyn.

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She revealed that Kordak had confided in Big Mama during a diary room session, expressing his developing bond with Lovelyn.

Bella couldn’t help but feel worried about the situation, contemplating how she would feel if the tables were turned and Etronam showed romantic interest in someone else.

On the other hand, Lovelyn dismissed the accusations of intentionally trying to come between Bella and Kordak. She explained that her playful banter and reference to Bella as her rival were all in good spirits and not meant to cause harm or stir up tension.

The two contestants in the presence of Ruth engaged in an open and mature discussion, addressing their concerns and seeking a resolution.

The conversation between Bella and Lovelyn has received positive reactions from fans on social media, with many commending their maturity and willingness to sit down and settle their differences.

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As the #PerfectMatchXtra journey continues, viewers eagerly anticipate the upcoming Reunion episode, scheduled for tonight at 8 PM.

The Reunion promises to delve deeper into unresolved issues, allowing the participants to confront their challenges, reflect on their experiences, and seek closure.

Tune in to the #PMXtra Reunion to witness the emotional revelations and engaging discussions that will shape the future of the show.



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