‘Beef’ has no formula – Archipalago apologizes for saying Majesty is not Shatta Wale’s son

Beef has no formula – Archipalago apologizes for saying Majesty is not Shatta Wale’s son
Archipalago; Shatta Wale and Michy

Archipalago has asked for forgiveness for insinuating that Shatta Wale is not Majesty’s biological father. He accused Michy of sleeping around. Archipalago claims the allegation was just a way to gain him exposure in the entertainment industry.

Delay’s interview with Archipalago revealed that Shatta Michy’s rumoured infidelity was bait to get the attention of Ghanaians. Accordingly, he begged for forgiveness for causing more harm than he intended.

“During a fight, everyone is throwing their jabs. I was trying to enter music, so I wanted them to know that I can do it. That is why you have to understand that I didn’t say those things out of emotions. It’s just for entertainment. Maybe it caused him some damage. If it hurt him, he should forgive me because it was sensitive.”

When asked about the genesis of such enormous slander, Archipalago pointed out Ara B as the originator. He also excused his terrible behaviour on his lifestyle choice and heat of the moment. He said, “It was Ara B who said it. So I didn’t start it. He said it, and I also repeated it. If it wasn’t out, I wouldn’t know. When there’s a beef everyone can say lies about you.”

According to Archipalago, he has apologized but has no remorse for his online behaviour. “ I’m not ashamed. If I feel shame, I wouldn’t be doing these things. I have shame in real life but not on social media,” Archipalago.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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