Becoming Adomaa: Navigating mental health, career and self…

Becoming Adoma: Navigating mental health, career and self...
Becoming Adoma
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Ghanaian songstress Adoma, who recently surprised us with her acting talent, unveiled the deepest part of her new project, Becoming Adoma, with Giovani Caleb on Showbiz360.

Becoming Adoma is a short film of about 40 minutes with a documentary detailing the life of the musician, Adoma. During her sitdown, Adoma revealed that one of the motivators for this incredible art is her struggle with mental health.

“At the beginning, when I started music, I wasn’t really prepared. Everything was happening a little too fast and suddenly. And it felt like I was going with the flow. All of a sudden, I had a team who was supporting me. And I couldn’t slow down because I felt they had sacrificed so much for me. Moving on, it felt too much, too sudden. In addition, I got into really bad deals with some people who were supposedly supposed to help with my career.

“At a point in time, I started having panic attacks when I’m asked to sing,” she explained.

Adoma spoke about how her struggle pushed her to try out her lifelong dream of being an actress. She said this escape has afforded her the leeway to document her life in such stunning art.

“There were a few challenges, and I had to take a break from music. I feel it was at that time when acting started for me. And acting helped me rekindle my love back for music. So coming back now, I didn’t want to separate music from the acting because both are one and the same,” Adoma added.

Becoming Adoma is the embodiment of Adoma herself. She disclosed how honoured she is to have people watch and appreciate her craft as she bares her soul to the world. Have you seen the trailer yet? Head out to her social media pages and take a peep.

Cheers to Adoma!

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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