Be concerned with political issues – Most Rev. Prof. Asante tells youth

Most Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante[/caption] Chairman of the National Peace Council of Ghana, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Kwaku Asante, has tasked the youth to be concerned with issues of politics in the country. He said this while speaking on “the role of the young person in the journey towards the future” at the annual Young People’s Week celebration at the Wesley Cathedral Methodist Church in Kumasi. He expressed worry over the youth’s apathy toward issues of the nation’s political interest and encouraged them to get involved; reminding them of the inevitable repercussion the decisions being made today will have on their future. Rev. Asante however, advised the youth to forgo the current political system which incites violence, brings division and has disrupted the innate love and bond the Ghanaian people share. He urged them to unionize and advocate political correctness by engaging in politics that promotes love, tolerance and peace. Prof Asante articulated the need for the youth to invest their strength and intellect in the fight against politics of insult and politics that attack personalities. “We must be able to rise up and boldly declare that regardless of our political choices and views, we are still one people and ought to live together in peace, for true politics is to Live and let others live” he said. He entreated the young people to be critical in their thinking and not follow the masses, and also urged the youth and young people at large to be involved in the country’s seemly unending battle against sanitation.

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