Bawumia’s analysis fraught with “weird logic” – Suhuyini

Tamale North constituency, Alhaji Alhassan Suhuyini

Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale North, Alhaji Alhassan Suhuyini, has rejected some aspects of vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s assessment of the economy, which he said, were inconsistent with the situation.

He has particularly objected to the Vice President’s justification that even though the Ghana is struggling to keep up with the management of foreign trading currencies, all economic indicators are in the right direction.

At the Economic Management Team maiden town hall meeting Wednesday, the Vice president took a swipe at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) describing as “warped logic,” their assertion that the depreciation cedi is an indication of weak economic fundamentals.

Blaming cedi depreciation on weak fundamentals ‘warped logic’ – Bawumia

This was on the back of Bawumia’s 2014 infamous comment that the depreciation of the cedi at the time was due to what he termed weak economic fundamentals of the John Mahama government.

He said at the time that “if the fundamentals are weak, the [currency] exchange rate will expose you”.

Although speaking at the town hall meeting Wednesday Dr Bawumia insisted he still stands by his assertion then, one cannot use the same argument to conclude that the current depreciation of the cedi is the results of weak economic fundamentals.

“If the fundamentals are weak the exchange rate will expose you, but it is a warped logic to jump from that to a conclusion that if there is depreciation in your currency then the fundamentals must be weak… it is very warped logic,” Dr. Bawumia justified.

But speaking on TV3’s New Day Thursday, the Tamale North MP said Dr Bawumia failed to offer a rational explanation on the same matter he heavily criticised the NDC for in 2014.

“Now confronted with a similar situation, then he introduces a very weird logic of inability to walk and not having a leg… And you see, he is a Dr and the argument must be intelligent”, he said.

According to Mr. Suhuyini, the Vice President has not been consistent with his commentary and analysis of the economy, indicating that Dr Bawumiah has gained notoriety for inconsistencies.

He however advised it is important for all leaders to be sincere on matters that affect the ordinary Ghanaian.

“As a country, even if we cannot be honest, we should try and be more consistent in the analysis of the economy”, he noted.

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