Bawumia predicts NDC reaction to his address: They insult or run to Burkina Faso

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has predicted that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will come hard at him after delivering an address at the Government Townhall Meeting and Results Fair in Kumasi. But he called on participants of the Fair to challenge the NDC to back their “contrary” opinions with data. For him, the NPP has outperformed the NDC in every sphere of the economy when you compare the two governments. “I have no doubt that the NDC will come out and challenge what I have said here today,” Vice President Bawumia predicted. “But when they come out, ask them to bring contrary data. They shouldn’t just talk. They should come with contrary data to contradict what I have said here today.” Vice President Bawumia gave a breakdown of the performance of the NPP since 2017 when they took office. He concluded that they have delivered 78 per cent of the promises they made to Ghanaians. “The data speaks for itself,” he stressed. But he said the NDC will not accept this but rather come hard with an impassioned resistance to his assertions. “And I bet you when you challenge them, they will either start insulting you or they will run away to Burkina Faso. That is what is going to happen.” Source:|Ghana]]>

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