Bawumia launches nationwide e-Pharmacy

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has launched the National Electronic Pharmacy (e-Pharmacy) policy and guidelines.

The e-Pharmacy platform is expected to provide access to drugs to also address counterfeit medicines.

Dr Bawumia said during the launch the platform on Wednesday December 22 he “This will help every Ghanaian access prescribed medicines conveniently and cost effectively as well as avoid fake medicines. It is an important milestone for Ghana. Congratulations in advance to the Ghana Pharmacy Council and all licensed pharmacies and stakeholders.”

The national electronic pharmacy policy and guidelines will offer access to medicines to all clients across the country..

The platform will also seek to allow clients know to engage pharmacist before purchasing a drug.

The electronic platform will deal with fake and counterfeiting medicines to sanitize the system.

The E pharmacy platform will seek to license and increase the number of practicing pharmacies which is currently 3,668 as of 2021.


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