Bawumia commended for his benevolent support to Prisons Service

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has been commended for what has been described as a “benevolent support” to the Ghana Prisons Service.

The Kumasi Central Prisons appealed to the Vice President during a visit for re-wiring of electrical cables at the facility, and the Vice President responded by undertaking the re-wiring.

In appreciation of the benevolent intervention of Dr. Bawumia, the former Ashanti Regional Prisons Commander and Officer in Charge of Kumasi Central Prisons, D.D.P. Samuel Owusu, led a team of prisons officers to express the Service’s gratitude to the Vice President.

D.D.P. Samuel Owusu, who is now the Eastern Regional Prisons Commander and Officer in Charge of the Nsawam Medium Security Prisons, and his team, presented a plaque of appreciation to Dr. Bawumia at his office at the Jubilee House on Wednesday.

The former Ashanti Regional Prisons Commander said electrical cables at the Kumasi Central Prisons had worn out and the Service was impressed by Bawumia’s benevolence in fixing them.

“We made an appeal to him in 2019 during a visit, and last year, he decided to personally fund the re-wiring of the Kumasi Central Prisons,” D.D.P. Samuel Owusu said.

“So the plaque presented to him is in appreciation of his benevolent support to the Kumasi Central Prisons.”


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