Bawumia campaigns in Prez Mahama's Constituency


The Bole township in the Bole Bamboi Constituency of the on Saturday went agog with excitement as the people of the town came out massively in their numbers to welcome NPP Vice candidate, Dr. Mahamudu , who visited the town as part of his tour of various constituencies in the Northern Region.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia arrived at the outskirts of the town to an unexpected welcome party made up of hundreds of excited supporters clad in the blue, white and red colours of the NPP. This initial group of supporters proceeded to slowly herald Dr. Bawumia into the Bole township itself where even more hundreds joined to parade Dr. Bawumia through the streets of Bole amidst loud cheers.

Every metre covered by the slow moving convoy saw more enthusiastic supporters and even bystanders join the procession which by now had virtually taken over the main road leading in and out of Bole. It made it difficult for vehicles to have a smooth passage including vehicles in the convoy of the NPP running mate.

The appearance of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia on top of his vehicle heightened emotions and drew even large numbers who frantically found positions to catch a clear glimpse of the NPP Vice Presidential candidate who also tried his best to acknowledge the hundreds who simultaneously waved and attempted to grab a handshake with the man expected to be -elect in a few days.

Dr. Bawumia's first stop was at the palace of the chief of Bole, the Bolewura.

At the palace of the Bolewura were a few hundreds who had rushed there to grab seats and spaces ahead of the many others who moved in the procession. This made it very difficult for any of those in the procession who had accompanied the running mate to the palace to have spaces inside meaning that they had to stand outside the palace to have a feel of the happenings in there.

At the palace, Dr. Bawumia thanked the Bolewura and the people of Bole for giving him such a rousing welcome. He stated that he was there to seek the blessings of the Bolewura who he considered a father.

“I have come here to Bole as part of our campaign to win the mandate of the people of and as you know, I can't come to Bole without first visiting my father in this palace which I consider my home. Bolewura, we all know and I know that many of your are competing for the mandate of the people. When you have children, sometimes you can have some favourites in them but it is not necessarily the favourite child who would bring honour, dignity or to the father and so we in the NPP want you to know that for us in the NPP Bole would remain a favourite traditional area” he said.

Dr. Bawumia reminded the Bolewura that it was the Kufuor administration which completed the Bole Bamboi road and ensured that television and radio coverage reached the people of Bole to keep them in the know on developments in the nation and stated that he had been informed that in the past few weeks, the people of Bole had been denied radio and television coverage due to some technical challenges. He pledged that on assumption of office, the NPP would do everything possible to restore coverage.

The NPP vice presidential candidate also pledged that the Nana administration would find a lasting solution to the persistent water shortages affecting the people of Bole.

The Bolewura on his part thanked Dr. Bawumia for the respect accorded him and stated that he would support any leader the people of Ghana entrust their destinies in.

Dr. Bawumia and the hundreds of enthusiastic NPP supporters who made it to the Palace moved to the grounds of a rally organized and attended by thousands of natives and residents in Bole where Dr. Bawumia once again pledged to tackle the water shortages affecting the people of Bole and restore television and radio coverage.

Source: NPP Communications Directorate

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